Our purpose of curiosity seeking and continuous learning drives our culture. And being a knowledge-based organization inspires our talented “seekers” to discover better solutions for our client partners.


Ben DiSanti

Co-Founder, Managing Partner + Chief Curiosity Seeker


Clients and colleagues have described me as being competently curious –asking the right questions to focus and guide any effort.

I would characterize myself as an adult 2 year old.

I like to ask questions. It’s what had me thinking about Shopper Marketing before Shopper Marketing even existed. My work for McDonald’s created a Zone Marketing Communications Strategy that has been adopted by other QSRs and has influenced many CPGs and Services brands around the world.

More recently, I’ve been focused on the Emotional Shopper and how emotions affect purchase decisions. This approach amplifies many of the behavioral practices in the marketplace today and is gaining momentum.

My goal is to inject the voice of the shopper/consumer and resulting insights into every marketing initiative. Time and again, I’ve found that looking at each challenge through the eyes of the Shopper can lead to an enhanced the bond between brand, shopper and channel.

You could say I’m relentless. And that pursuit of transactional insights has proven powerful for clients including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Walmart, Burger King, Kroger, Bank of America, Cricket, Clorox and many others.

And my philosophy of building brands from retail out helped lead the win of $1 Billion USPS business and drives my contributions as a member of the Shopper Marketing Retail Commission and League of Leaders.

Ben holds a Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Past clients have included:



Ken Hicks

Co-Founder, Managing Partner + Client Solutions Partner


My LinkedIn reviewers say I have an ability to envision and link a brand’s needed mission and goals to a solution that moves people and product in a challenging marketplace.

I would say I can see around corners and find the opportunities.

I have a track record of leading teams toward strategic marketing communications solutions and award-winning programming, both domestically and internationally. The solutions have helped to change human behavior, build brands and lead to increased engagement and transactions for clients’ businesses.

My ability to quickly adapt has given me a reputation as change agent with an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve held senior-level positions at key Shopper and Retail agencies—including Arc Worldwide and The Marketing Store—working with best-in class teams on a diverse range of clients, from Coca-Cola to United; Ford Motor Company to McDonalds, and many, many more.

And I share what I learn. In fact, I helped develop Arc Worldwide’s shopper marketing curriculum and training programs conducting training seminars for Leo Burnett/Arc offices in South America, Mexico and Asia. And most recently, I served as consultant and key member of Publicis’ Worldwide Nestle team conducting Shopper Marketing training for over one hundred Nestlé marketing employees in the Beijing, China.

Continual learning and training have always been part of my DNA. It’s my passion. I’ve lectured at Exeter University, Northwestern, DePaul, St. Joseph University, and the Rochester Institute of Technology. DH+P allows me to continue that passion, one client at a time.

Ken is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Past clients have included:



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